Support decision making

The products of this system will be designed to provide more accurate and effective real time information on flooding risks for establishing improved advisories for emergency managers with estimations of uncertainties. Thus, the developments made during this project will allow completing the vigilance information delivered by State services and better anticipating the implementation of preventive actions (safety measures for people and goods, evacuation procedures, closing of exposed communication lines such as the coastal road RN1, etc.).

The objective of SPICy being to develop technological building blocks, the project will also bring positive outcomes on several scientific subjects: high resolution meteorological forecasting, flood modelling, computation time optimization, assessment of uncertainties, crisis management tools, etc.

The methodological developments carried out will be intended to be integrated further in operational services such as the forecasting system of RSMC Météo-France La Réunion. They could also serve as a starting point for the implementation of an operational flood forecasting service at Réunion Island.

Dernière mise à jour le 22.09.2016