Laboratoire de l'Atmosphère et des Cyclones (LACy)








The LACY is a joint research unit between CNRS, Meteo-France and University de La Réunion dedicated to the study of physical processes governing the tropical atmosphere.  It is the only French research laboratory working specifically on tropical cyclones. Research at  LACY aims to improve knowledge on tropical cyclones as well as to develop modeling tools for the benefit of  RSMC-Cyclones La Reunion.  LACY' scientific strategy is based upon a combination of upstream research (studies of intensification processes,  microphysics and heavy precipitation, lightning...) and applied research to cover the needs of Météo-France in the fields of numerical weather prediction and weather observing systems. LACy has notably initiated the creation of the Maido atmospheric observatory, which hosts various instruments for atmospheric measurements, including lidar systems, cloud radar, spectro-radiometers and in situ gas and aerosol measurements. The lab currently has 28 permanent staff (researchers, engineers, faculty members) and about 10 students.

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