Sainte Suzanne is a town of 22 000 inhabitants. The city center is surrounded by river Sainte-Suzanne and the western coast which is exposed to high cyclonic waves. This area is also one of the most rainy of Reunion Island and then is subjected to frequent river flooding events.

This site is concerned by river flooding and marine inundation due to wave overtopping. High waves may also generate projections of heavy pebbles in the sea front. The rising of the coastal sea level during cyclonic events is an aggravating factor for river flooding. Moreover, most of the houses are situated between the sea front and the river Sainte-Suzanne. This configuration, associated with a low lying situation, highlights the vulnerability of this sector and facilitate water stagnancy.




Some historical examples (Source: DDRM La Réunion) :

• March 1904 – marine inundation over more than 200m inland, most of the houses situated on the sea front are ruined.

• February 1962 – Jenny – the city centre is affected by both marine and river floods.

• February 1987 – Clotilda – the roads are closed, the city centre is flooded by water and mud.

• January 1989 – Firinga – 90 families lost everything, the Marine quarter is under 1m of water.

• January 2002 – Dina – marine inundations and wave overtopping are observed, the fire station is inundated.

• February 2007 – Gamède – Inundation of the city center and projection of pebbles on the sea front.



                           Centre-ville de Sainte-Suzanne après le cyclone Gamède, le 24 février 2007.

                                                                     Crédit photo : Pierre Agon.

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